About Boardlife.

Boardlife have been around for about 10 years now. We are considered to be the most popular core shop in longboarding in the country. Hosted two Swedish championships in downhill longboarding among other events.
Our ambition is to spread this sport throughout the country but also to other countries. Our crew and team are all experienced riders with the love and passion for this sport. Once you got bitten by this lifestyle, you cannot really let it go.

About Ambassadors

Boardlife Ambassadors is an association for all active students at the Jönköping university. We want to find new people out there. We
know there is people out there who still don’t have any idea that skate will become their passion. Let’s find them and show them.

It’s first of all a lifestyle. It’s not about prestige or rising some kind of pressure. The association is for everyone regardless of initial experience. as long as your down for skateboarding and hanging out with the best family on Jönköping University.

Some people prefer to use the board as a transportation, soft cruise, freestyling etc. Others like to push the boundaries of speed and technical maneuvers as sliding and downhill. Regardless of what type you are, we want to meet every persons unique goals. Together we will help each other reaching the ultimate freedom.


About Ambassadors


There once were two young chaps who just love riding the longboard. It all started when one of them got their first board after weeks of mowing lawns and selling newspapers to raise the money. They shared this board and took turns riding it through many years. After some time the friends had grown up and never during this time stopped riding longboard. This made them think. What if we can join a group of people to ride together and feel what we felt for years now a sense of freedome and belonging . So they did. These two chaps are named Alexander and Gustaf and with some help from friends and family they are now the main drive force behind Boardlife Ambassadors

Our Mission

What are we trying to acomplish

Our main goal is to reach out and make more people out there discover this lifestyle. And spread the sport even further. The sport consists of a wide range of disciplines stretching all the way from traditional skateboarding to street, cruise, freestyle, freeride and downhill. The association will still be free from any pressure and prestige and all members should strive for their own personal goals.

Boardlife Ambassadors are aiming to work as a foundation and social community and hopefully work as an entry into longboarding. Once you are a member of this association you never kick on your own.

All Ambassadors will be a natural part of the Boardlife family. We believe that our brand can work as an attraction when it comes to find new members or even establish a lot of new possibilities. We should strive for getting new people to try this sport and be a part of the lifestyle.

Skate trips

Sometimes it’s just wonderful to pack your board along with a back pack and maybe a friend or two and head out for a road trip. Some times it’s just a days trip, other times it’s longer, maybe somewhere in Europe? The opportunities will be around the corner and it’s up to you to decide where and when you want this journey to happen.

Personal Progress

Ambassadors will always be a part of our organisation and you’ll never kick on your own. Regardless of your level, our whole team and crew will back you up. On this topic it’s all up to you. If you just want to kick and cruise and that’s it we won’t force anything else on you. However if you’re goal is to be able to stand up slide by the end of the summer just say when and where and we’ll make it happen!

With Boardlife

Since Boardlife is a part of the Ambassadors they’ll make sure to do their best to make your ideas and project happen. Boardlife also has a shop within walking distance from the university so spare parts, support and boards are close at hand.

Activities & Events

When it comes to activities and events we’re hoping to be able to present as much as possible. We will be presenting all kinds of opportunities to try out all the different disciplines or just the chance to hang out like the big family we are! Each semester there’s going to be a big kick-off to both welcome any new members and also welcome everyone back from the time off.

A social Lifestyle

As you can read in all our other description of this association it’s so much more than just longboarding. I’ts also a social organ. We will be running a blog page on the website and make sure that everyone stays in touch and no one gets left behind. This is also a great way for people from other nationalities to interact with other swedes and get to know Jönköping better.


As a part of Boardlife Ambassadors we will give you the option to get guidence both on and off the wheels. That means that we’ll help you to learn how to cruise, slide or even downhill if you like, as well as teaching you the fundamentals of the boards, trucks and its effects on your riding

Meet our team

  • Martin ”Speedoff” Edoff
    Martin ”Speedoff” Edoff
  • Linda Bylund
    Linda Bylund Boardlife
  • Gustaf Sand
    Gustaf Sand Event coordinator Jönköping
  • Alexander Draschnar
    Alexander Draschnar Originator
  • Felicia Arvidsson
    Felicia Arvidsson Project Coordinator