What is the Boardlife Ambassadors?

The Boardlife ambassadors is Sweden’s largest student association for longboarding. With boardlife as the supporting act, our goal is to get students all around Sweden hooked on this amazing drug that is longboarding.

I would love to take this to my university how do I go about?

Were really happy that you like the concept. In order to make this happen on your specific universitet you need a certain amount of people that is interested then proceed to fill out the form HERE.

I’m not a student, can I join anyway

No. Unfortunately this association was initiated for active students only. There will however be opportunities to join the Ambassadors at different public events once in a while. But the membership is unfortunately for active students at universities only.

How do I become a member?

It’s really easy. Just fill in the form and you will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days. Then just head to our store at Smålandsgatan 17  with your own personal ID as well as your student ID to complete your registration!

What is required of me?

The only things we ask from you is that you are an active student and that you pay the low fee for the active semester.

What can I expect from the association?

As if joining the biggest skate-association isn’t enough you will also be given the chance to join events that we will be providing. This includes everything from big kick offs to weekly skate sessions and even sweet movie nights. All this and you’ll even get the chance to have personal guidance on your riding and the possibility to borrow equipment.

Do I need to have any experience?

Of course not! This association is for everybody. Doesn’t matter if you never stood on a board or you’ve been riding for years. We will give you the chance to go cruising, try out freeride or downhill is totally up to you.

I lost my member card what do I do?

If you unfortunately lost your member card you need to come into the store with your personal ID and the member card number. If you don’t know the number i’m afraid you have to pay an extra fee to get you a new member card.