Terms & Rules

Membership Rules

1. Each member are personally responsible for returning borrowed equipment in a good condition. Stuff covered in dirt or broken parts are not acceptable conditions. In case of something breaking during usage the user is responsible for compensating the cost for it.
2. The stuff we offer each member to borrow is for members only.
3. Ambassadors stand for collectivism and community. As a member, it is important not to exclude anyone.
4. Be responsible for your membership card. Each card is personal and may not be used by anyone other than you.
5. Violating these rules can result in your membership being withdrawn.

About the Boardlife Ambassadors

Boardlife Ambassadors is a group of interest created by Boardlife as an organization. This group is created to boost the interest for the lifestyle that surrounds boarding sports like skateboard, longboard, snowboard etc. Our ambition from Boardlife Ambassadors is not directly economic benefits.
The brand Ambassadors stems from Boardlife as a company and it’s rights is thereby restricted to being a part of the company strategy.

Students only

At this point we have decided to have this organisation open for active students only.

Membership fee

Our membership fee are associated to the content, events, activities and other efforts we invest in this group of interest. The membership fee could possibly change over time depending on these factors.
Each student pay their membership for one semester at the time.
This fee is used for cover part of the expenses associated with your membership. This goes for arranging events, borrow equipments, crew kits, workshops etc.


Each year has two subscription periods. You pay for the semester you choose to participate in. Once you pay you will be granted access to all events within the Ambassadors.
First semester: 1 January – 30 June
Second semester: 1 July – 31 December 


You can choose to pay your membership cash or with card in the Boardlife Street Store. Be sure to bring your personal and student ID.

Participation at own risk

Our lifestyle could be a risky sport if not properly protected or if you overlook the consequences.
All members are in the sport at own risk. We strongly recommend you to follow our security instructions when participating. During each semester there will be collective instructions and workshop on how to maintain control of your board, manage security, protect yourself, handle traffic situations etc.

Breach of Contract

We reserve the right to cancel any membership if there is a serious breach of contract or if a member don’t follow our rules against violation.